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Mobile Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy Services

What we do


SR Phlebotomy provides a professional, mobile blood and pathology sample service in Scotland and Northern England.

We have a responsibility to collect samples as efficiently as possible, following preparation procedures ensuring viability of specimens for analysis.

Portable centrifuge service

Samples that require separating can be done on site using our own Portable Centrifuge.  This enables samples that require freezing or chilling to be kept on site prior to posting, courier collection or delivery to lab.

Professional Phlebotomy Services

Sample collection services offered to science and technology

Our services can range from simple collection of samples to multiple bleeds by various means including Venepuncture with standard Holder, Butterfly with Holder or Syringe. 

Private Patient Service

The procedure for arranging a private blood test with us is as follows:

  1. GP, consultant, nutritionist, private lab or other clinician determines a blood test is required, completes, creates or requests a requisition form. The patient should have this as it provides necessary information for the test to proceed.

  2. When this is an electronic request, we have to gain permission to access information.

  3. Patient contacts SR Phlebotomy for an appointment.

  4. Sample is taken and prepared for the patient to post or to arrange courier collection.

  5. Patient contacts requesting clinician for results.

Private sample requests usually have packaging with forms, instructions and equipment enclosed.

Useful Tips:

  • If you are cold your veins will be more difficult to find. Making sure you keep warm prior to your blood test will help to speed up the procedure.

  • A fasting blood test means nothing to eat or drink, other than water, for 12 hours prior to the test and no alcohol for 24 hours before the test, unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

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