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National Association of Phlebotomists


About SR Phlebotomy

Providing private blood collections at home or your place of work



SR Phlebotomy is the ideal solution that can help meet your phlebotomy needs. 


  • Do you want to Avoid taking time OFF work?

  • Do you need a blood withdrawal for a child?

  • Do you need a blood withdrawal for a Private Laboratory?


SR Phlebotomy can meet your needs by visiting you at home or place of work at a time & date that suits you.  SR Phlebotomy offers a private mobile blood collection service in Scotland, Ireland & Northern England.  


The benefit of Mobile Service


With this service, you can relax in your own environment.  Your blood is collected and sent off to the laboratory of your choice on the same day by courier or post.  The laboratory will then provide your results to you directly after receipt of blood collections and the required tests being carried out.


Siobhan Rodgers from SR Phlebotomy has a wealth of experience in this sector from her background and work with over 6 years of phlebotomy experience gained within the NHS, private practices & doctor surgeries.  In addition to this, SR Phlebotomy has been supporting DNA, Drug & Alcohol testing over the last 3 years with Crystal Health.


Siobhan has since set up SR Phlebotomy which provides patients the opportunity to have their blood taken in their own home or workplace, following requests from patients for many different reasons.


Busy Lifestyle


For people with busy lifestyles and work commitments, taking time off work for a blood collection that can be quite disruptive.  SR Phlebotomy can visit patients early morning before they leave for work or when they get home in the evening.  Patients can also be seen in their lunch hour at work or if preferred a weekend appointment.  SR Phlebotomy offers flexible appointments to suit all patient’s needs.


Needle Phobia & Panic Attacks


Some patients have real needle-phobia or suffer panic attacks at the thought of the blood withdrawal procedure, although most admit it is completely painless. 


By having the collection done at home it can make the whole process a lot less traumatic for the patient.  Also with this service, there is the advantage of the mobile phlebotomist spending that little more time with the patient by making them feel at ease during and after the procedure.  This has proved an invaluable service to many.


Blood Collection from Children


SR Phlebotomy also offers blood withdrawal from children aged 3+.  Children benefit from having a blood withdrawal done at their home and within familiar surroundings to reduce the stress levels that would be seen in a clinical environment. 



Location Coverage


SR Phlebotomy covers Scotland, Ireland & Northern England.


**NEW** Clinical Appointments

SR Phlebotomy now offers phlebotomy appointments at D.Atkinson Herbalist & Napiers Clinic in Edinburgh    

SR Phlebotomy now offers phlebotomy appointments at the Luna Centre Clinic in East Kilbride, Glasgow


**NEW** Therapeutic Venesection

SR Phlebotomy now offers therapeutic venesection blood withdrawals to support patients with blood disorders with the aim to decrease iron in the blood or decrease red blood cells.  Please see the "Therapeutic Venesection" page for more details...



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