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Stem Cell Harvesting

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Cord Blood & Tissue Samples

Individual Contracted Services


SR Phlebotomy, specialises in the procurement of umbilical cord blood and tissue samples for the stem cell bio banks and their clients.


Upon booking our services the clients will be allocated two experienced phlebotomists who will be on call until the birth of your baby.

All clients will be provided a primary phlebotomist that will be your main point of contact to perform the collection.  Additionally their will be a backup phlebotomist that will be available should there be any problems with your primary contact.

Each phlebotomist is fully trained & experienced in the procurement of umbilical cord blood and cord tissue harvesting.


Phlebotomists are also authorised to perform collections under the third party agreements we hold with each of the UK cord blood & tissue bio banks, all of whom are registered with and governed by the Human Tissue Authority.

Stem Cell - Bio Banks:


Please click for more information about Cells 4 Life or on how to book your Stem Cell service with a £50 Discount for each purchase.

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