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Clinical Services

SR Phlebotomy Clinical Services at Orbital House

Doctor's Desk

What we offer...


SR Phlebotomy provides clinical appointments available for individuals and/or groups that wish to have phlebotomy, health screening, drug & alcohol testing services provided within a clinical environment based in Glasgow at Orbital House located at:

3 Redwood Crescent,

Peel Park,

East Kilbride,


G74 5PR

Our Edinburgh clinic is available upon request.



We have a responsibility to collect samples as efficiently as possible, following preparation procedures ensuring the viability of specimens for analysis which may have been requested by your CAM therapist, GP or other healthcare providers.



Centrifuge for Blood Separation

Blood samples that require centrifuge will be centrifuged at the clinics as per your laboratory test requirements.


The role of a centrifuge in testing blood is to separate whole blood into its various components.  Each component of blood has a specific use in the body and therefore a different test may be required for each component.  Blood can be centrifuged in a tube, bottle or bag.


The client is responsible for bringing the test kit(s) to the appointment and for posting the samples, alternatively, we can help to arrange the courier collection for you (please see details under "Collection of Samples").


This service helps to enable the processing of samples that also require freezing or chilling onsite prior to posting, courier collection or delivery to the lab.


Before Attending Your Appointment

Please follow the below guidelines


Your test kit will arrive with specific information and instructions – please read all of the information included and check any details before attending your appointment.  If you are unsure of anything that you are required to do, or you are unable to get assistance from the testing company, you can contact SR Phlebotomy directly via email at 


Please take care to read and follow the guidelines carefully in the email that you will be sent prior to attending your appointment.


This guidance has been provided by your practitioner and it is essential that these steps are followed correctly.  Failure to do so may mean that we are unable to successfully collect your samples or could cause further problems on the day of your appointment.

It is important that you are very well hydrated before your appointment.  Please drink plenty of water one day prior to, and on the morning of your appointment.


What to expect at your appointment:


Please allow up to 60 minutes for your appointment, as this allows time for the processing of your sample requirements.


Collection of Samples:


Your sample(s) can be collected from us by The Royal Mail for a next day delivery by 1 pm at an additional cost of £8.00.


Alternatively, you can arrange to have your sample(s) to be collected by courier at your home or preferred collection address.


When arranging for a courier service, please consider your collection time with your appointment length (and any time necessary to centrifuge blood taken) in mind. 

Support Information:

When booking your appointment it would be very helpful if you could inform SR Phlebotomy about any history of difficulty in giving blood, having fine veins or having a fear of needles.  This information will be helpful for us so that we can arrange a more comfortable environment during your treatment if need be, prior to your appointment.  Please also inform us if you are prone to fainting as we can extend the length of your appointment to accommodate any extra recovery time that may be needed.


If you need to move or change your appointment, we ask for 24 hours’ notice or you may be charged the price of your missed appointment.


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