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IV Vitamin Drips

IV Drips & Vitamin Infusions

IV Drips & Vitamin Infusions

What are IV Drip & Vitamin Infusions?

Regardless of your age and lifestyle, your body still needs essential nutrients to function. Unfortunately, lifestyle, genetics, and external factors may leave you depleted of certain nutrients. As a result, you may find yourself low on energy, looking dull and tired, susceptible to seasonal bugs & illnesses, and not functioning at your best. If that sounds like you, do not worry, our IV Drip & Vitamin Infusions can help.

IV Vitamin drips are used as a delivery method for distributing nutrients and vitamins directly to the bloodstream through the veins. This method allows the fluids to move quickly and effectively, enabling the patient to feel the effects and reap the benefits almost immediately.

IV Drip

How does IV Drip & Vitamin Infusion work?

The Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids used in our IV Vitamin Drips are classed as Essential Nutrients, which are a requirement for your wellbeing.


Normally, we obtain most of these nutrients from our food. Unfortunately, due to environmental factors that include over-processed food, means that many of us are severely deficient in these nutrients. In general most people in the UK take daily vitamin supplements to counter this. However, when you ingest vitamins by mouth, only 10~15% of the active nutrients may find their way into your bloodstream, as our digestive system blocks the absorption of high levels of nutrients consumed orally.


IV Drip & Vitamin Infusions are an effective method for re-addressing this balance. They restore your body to its peak fitness, its sense of wellbeing and its optimal energy performance. Unlike supplements, the nutrients from IV Drips & Vitamin Infusions enter the bloodstream directly, instantly assisting your cells in their functions.

Image by Bruna Branco
Anti-Aging with Amino Acids Infusion.png
Immune Boost Infusion.png
High Dose Vitamin C Infusion.png
Memory & Concentration Infusion.png

Anti-Aging with Amino Acids Infusion

Immune Boost Infusion

High Dose Vitamin C Infusion

Memory & Concentration Infusion

Amino Acids Infusion.png

Amino Acids Infusion

Sports & Muscle Performance Infusion.png

Sport & Muscle Performance IV Infusion

Blood Booster Infusion.png

Blood Booster Infusion

Energy Booster Infusion.png

Energy Booster Infusion

Hangover IV Infusion.png

Hangover IV Infusion

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